Fire Protection

Save lives, protect your investment

FamilynodogNearly 4,000 Americans die in fires in their home each year, with an additional 20,000 injured. Federal and state law requires that all homes have at least one smoke detector, some states require more, but is that really enough? A single audible smoke detector may very well save your life, but what if you don’t hear it? Who will dispatch the Fire Department? Your life, your family’s life, and your investment are all on the line without a monitored fire alarm system in your home.

Commercial Fire Alarms

At Hughes Integrated Systems, we have commercial fire alarms for all your needs! With the fire alarms, we have award winning 24 hour fire alarm monitoring. Adding Fire Alarm monitoring to your existing security system is simple and affordable. Your home will be monitored for fire protection rather your system is armed or not.

If you are away from home our remote services will notify you of a fire directly to your cell phone. At the same time you are being notified the fire department is already on its way. This is security with piece of mind.

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