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A step above the rest is right. We are not followers in the home security industry but a leader in offering you the highest in quality products with a proven award winning track record. Ever notice how all the other security companies seem to be offering the same product platform? If you take your security seriously then stick with the best and get a serious product.

We offer a state of the art system that sends alarm transmissions to our award winning monitoring station via your existing data network or cellular data network, you choose, or get both. This eliminates the need for phone lines reducing your cost and increasing your security. You can even have event notifications sent directly to your mobile phone to keep you up to date on your home while you are not there.

With our state of the art remote security control, you are in control of your system from anywhere. Check out these remote control features:

  • Works on smart phones and tablets running iOS4 or Android OS 2.3 or greater
  • Arm/Disarm and grant access to your home
  • Unlock/lock doors, control thermostats, turn on lights, garage doors, etc.
  • Access real time security systems status
  • View active alarm and trouble conditions in the event memory log
  • Grant temporary access or control rights to users


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