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FamilytravelYour home is your largest lifetime investment. Incorporating surveillance as an additional level of security will provide additional protection and detection. Video surveillance can capture suspicious activity in or around your home that can serve as evidence. See real time what is going on in or around your home, while you are there, or while you are away.  We offer you the ability to supervise or observe your home from any location where internet connections are available.

Want more security? Combine your video surveillance with your current alarm system for advance alarm verification. As an alarm is in progress our central station receives the alarm, is able to view the video feed and work with your local police department to capture the criminal before they can get away.

Whatever your surveillance needs, rather you want to monitor a large perimeter, or the inside of your home, We can help tailor an affordable quality surveillance system that will meet your specific needs.

Key features include:

  • Integrate your surveillance system with your intrusion alarm system for advance alarm verification.
  • Log in and view real time video from your smart phone, tablet, PC, or Mac.
  • View cloud based recorded video anytime anywhere.
  • Get alerted via text or email as an object activates your camera motion alarm
  • High quality IP based or analog cameras complete with superior night vision technology
  • Hosted Video Services – A cost efficient solution, hosted video limits your investment to a camera, an encoder, and an internet connection. Your video is hosted in the cloud, so it eliminates the need for a locally maintained recording device.


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