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Protecting businesses with the latest in security technology, Hughes offers video surveillance solutions that help reduce crime, protect people and property, reduce revenue loss from merchandise theft, and destruction of property and vandalism. We offer both integrated and customized video surveillance solutions to protect what matter most to you.

We design, install, and maintain a broad range of video surveillance solutions. Your needs are specific, your working with a budget, let us help you customize a video surveillance system that is tailored just for you. From large scale commercial, industrial platforms, to simple affordable camera systems, from small office to big business, we have the solutions for you.

Featured offering include:

Integrated Technology Solutions – Integrate your video surveillance system with your intrusion alarm and or access control system for complete security control.


Video storage Systems

NVR – Ideal for IP based video surveillance systems, Network Video Recorders address the needs of small to large scale applications such as education, retail, healthcare.

DVR – A cost effective and affordable solution, Digital Video Recorders provide excellent picture quality. Offering accessibility; remotely for live view on a mobile device or a PC.

– A cost effective approach, Hybrid Video Recorders allow you to display both analog and IP so existing analog equipment can be utilized.

Hosted Video Services – A cost efficient solution, hosted video limits your investment to a camera, an encoder, and an internet connection. Your video is hosted in the cloud, so it eliminates the need for a locally maintained recording device. This is an ideal solution for low camera counts per site in single or multiple locations such as convenience stores, gas stations, retail stores, and small offices.

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